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How we can bring more diversity into elected office

The Government We Need talks with Run for Something’s Sarah Horvitz about the changing face of local politics and how to elect diverse representation.

Episode #2 / July 25, 2019


In this episode

Starting in 2017, a wave of new political candidates began pursuing elected office at all levels of government. Many of them have been historically underrepresented in public leadership. With the support of organizations like Run for Something, fresh faces are getting elected to serve the communities and causes they care about.

In this episode of The Government We Need, we talk with Sarah Horvitz, National Political Director of Run for Something. Sarah ran for an elected position on her local school board while she was still a high school student, and she won! She became passionate about ensuring that our public institutions are reflective of the people they govern, and went on to support several political races in California. She served as the Deputy Organizing Director for Hillary Clinton’s Virginia team, along with working for her campaign in the Iowa caucuses and 3 state primaries.

What does diversity in government look like, and what impact can it have on society? How can younger candidates find opportunities to run and get elected into public office? Who are the successful candidates that have gone on to serve their communities and pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive government?

We explore these questions and more in this episode.



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